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Which Style of Garage Door Should You Choose for Your Home?

new garage door installed on a modern home
Which Style of Garage Door Should You Choose for Your Home?

When the time comes to replace or upgrade your garage door, there are so many styles available that it can be overwhelming. It’s important to make the right choice for both your home’s aesthetic and practical purposes, as you’ll be living with it for years to come. So whether you want a classic look or something more contemporary, On Trac Garage Door Company is here to offer help.

Four Common Home Styles to Know

Let’s review the most common home styles and which garage door style matches each home.


Are you shopping for a contemporary-style home? If so, look for minimalistic garage doors with shiny lines, neutral colors, and vertical windows that are slightly off-center.

Contemporary wood doors can have vertical or horizontal planks but shouldn’t have trim boards. Additionally, aluminum and glass doors are popular options for modern homes. Furthermore, steel options wrapped in copper or other metals make good choices.


Ranch-style homes should have doors with a classic look with large windows and simple hardware. Stylish wood or composite carriage house doors with dark finishes are a popular choice as a result of their elegant look. However, if your ranch-style home has a more contemporary style, look for a door that complements the overall facade.


If you live in a Spanish-style home, look for dark wood or composite products to contrast with your white or tan exterior walls. An excellent choice is recessed panel carriage-style garage doors because they mirror the clean and straight lines of Spanish-style homes. Furthermore, you can decorate your door with iron clavos to match the exterior grillwork.

Mid-Century Modern-Style

When looking for garage doors for mid-century modern-style houses, select simple designs and minimal glass elements. These elements should be stacked vertically to the right or left. 

Your door should embrace minimalism and incorporate sleek lines that include both positive and negative space. Moreover, we recommend selecting a door with horizontal or vertical panels without trim, prairie-style windows, and very little decorative hardware.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Garage Door Style

When selecting a garage door style, it’s essential to consider both functionality and aesthetics to ensure a seamless blend with your home’s overall design. Now that you have a general idea of which garage doors will look best with your home, here are some valuable tips to narrow down your choices even further:

  • Material Matters: Choose a material that aligns with your preferences and climate conditions. Wood offers a classic look but requires maintenance, while steel is durable and low-maintenance. Aluminum is lightweight, and fiberglass is resistant to corrosion.
  • Design Elements: Garage doors can feature various design elements, such as panels, windows, and decorative hardware. Select designs that resonate with your personal style while maintaining cohesiveness with the rest of your home.
  • Insulation and Energy Efficiency: Consider the insulation properties of the garage door, especially if the garage is attached to your living space. Insulated doors help regulate temperature and improve energy efficiency.
  • Functionality and Security: Prioritize functionality and security by choosing a door style that aligns with your usage patterns. Consider the door’s safety features, such as rolling code technology and sensor systems, before making your final purchase.
  • Budget Consideration: Garage doors come in a wide price range. Set a realistic budget and explore options that fit within it while maintaining quality and aesthetics.
  • Professional Guidance: Consult with garage door specialists to get expert advice tailored to your specific needs. They can provide insights into the best styles and materials for your home.

By taking these factors into account, you can confidently choose a garage door style that enhances your home’s appearance, offers practicality, and adds value to your property.

Request an Estimate for a Garage Door Installation Today!

Whether you’re searching for a contemporary, traditional, or custom garage door for your home, On Trac Garage Door Company can provide advice and information to help you make the best choice for your preferences. Our experienced team has training and knowledge of all products we sell and install. 

So if you’re ready to get an estimate on your garage door installation, request a quote today. We offer flexible financing options and special offers to help you get started. On Trac Garage Door Company can help you choose the best garage door for your property that will offer beauty and reliability for many years to come.